The Accommodations

Satinwood is an Eco-Villa with no ties to the power grid, but employs solar panels, battery systems and an automatic backup diesel generator for power. The property also features massive commercial composting toilets and recycled materials in construction.

It is the view that captivates guests, bringing them back year after year.
Coral Bay, St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands

This is Satinwood, our family vacation home. We strive to maintain ecological principles, demonstrate comfortable ecological living while retaining many family memories.

The Details


The great room, three master suites and two lofts all combine to form an open, airy and comfortable living space. Please remember that Satinwood is first and foremost our family vacation home. We share it becasue we love the place, the Coral Bay community and the island of St. John.

Please let us know how we can help.

Two main floor master suites

Each main level bedroom consists of one king size bed, complete bathroom, plus ladder accessible loft with two twin beds (suitable for ages 6 and up).

Lower level apartment with separate entrance

The lower level is a complete apartment with full bath, kitchen, and king size bed. (As of January 2018, since the two category 5 hurricanes of 2017, the apartment kitchen does not have a refrigerator or a stove.)

Comfortable by design

The location and architecture are deliberate and designed to allow the tropical trade winds to provide constant cooling. High clerestories allow the warmer air to flow up and out of the house.

Solar power

Satinwood is solar powered; free from ties to the island's utilities. The solar panel arrays, storage battery bank and backup generator provide reliable and earth-friendly energy. The house power is so much like normal US-stateside electrical service that many of our guests never even notice the off-grid operation.

Composting toilets

Satinwood employs massive, commercial Clivus Multrum composting toilets. While there is no water-filled porcelain toilet bowl, the system does use a power venting system. After first use, guests usual find this is a non-event. No guest servicing or maintenance is required.

Water collection and management

The unique design of Satinwood's energy and water system provides year-round comfort. Even during times of periodic drought, the massive water collection area, three huge cisterns, use of composting toilet systems, and an LED ultra-violet drinking water tap in the kitchen assure plenty of fresh, clean water for drinking, washing, and of course, relaxing in the cool swimming pool.

The Details

The Overview

The views are inspiring. The pool is cool and inviting. Satinwood is an eco-villa that does not feel like an eco-villa. Many guests forget that we off the grid and strive to lower our impact on the planet every day.

Come enjoy a simpler way to live and really relax.


The greatroom is large and airy and flows into the full kitchen and covered deck or lanai to provide enough room to stretch out and relax and watch the incredible, ever-changing view.

There are two king bed master suites on the main floor and one in a separate, studio apartment downstairs. The two main floor master suites also have ladder-accessible lofts, each with two twin beds.

The Pool, Pool Deck and View

Outside on the sunny pool deck, lounge chairs, umbrella table, and gas barbecue grill make for the perfect vacation day or evening. It can be mesmerizing to watch the clouds and shadows as they morph over the water and hills.